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The logo for ISLS's annual meeting in 2023

2023 ISLS Conference - Presentation by Michelle Hudson, Rebecca Sansom, & Others

Saturday, June 10 - Thursday, June 15
Montreal, Quebecc

Technology-Mediated Lesson Study: Facilitating Three-Dimensional Science with Rural Science Teachers


Brigham Young University

  • Michelle Hudson
  • Rebecca Sansom
  • Heather Leary
  • Josh Stowers
  • Tracy Poulsen
  • Clara Smith

Utah State University

  • Max Longhurst

Rural science educators often face unique challenges due to geographic isolation, limiting their access to collaborative and professional development opportunities. In response to this issue, a groundbreaking professional learning model called Technology-Mediated Lesson Study (TMLS) has been developed to empower these educators and enhance their teaching practices.

TMLS, a collaborative endeavor, engages rural science teachers in iterative cycles of lesson design, teaching, observations facilitated by technology, and lesson redesign. The aim is to foster high-impact professional learning and enactment within a supportive team environment.

The qualitative findings from the inaugural year of the TMLS program are set to be unveiled in a poster presentation. This presentation promises to shed light on the transformative potential of TMLS for rural science educators.

Key highlights of the findings include:

  • TMLS assists rural science teachers in developing new connections, which strengthen over time.
  • The professional development process of TMLS allows teachers the time to practice and develop knowledge and skills that extend beyond the lessons created in this project
  • Teachers improve their 3D science teaching skills by writing lesson plans, teaching the lesson one at a time, watching each other teach it, and revising the lesson as a group.

This research represents a significant step forward in addressing the professional learning needs of rural science educators. The findings offer valuable insights and practical implications for educators, policymakers, and stakeholders invested in enhancing science education in rural communities.


Rural science teachers have fewer collaborative and professional learning opportunities. To bridge the geographic isolation of these teachers, a professional learning model called Technology-Mediated Lesson Study (TMLS) has been developed. TMLS engages teachers with a team of colleagues in iterative, collaborative cycles of lesson design, teaching, observations via technology, and lesson redesign aimed at high-impact professional learning and enactment. This poster presents qualitative findings from the first year of the program.

The poster from the ISLS conference. It can be downloaded as a pdf below

Download poster as pdf here.
Read research here.