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2023 ISLS Conference - Presented by Bryan Holder, Max Longhurst, & Others

Saturday, June 10 - Thursday, June 15
Montreal, Quebecc

Rural Science Teachers Collaborative Design and Iterative Implementation of Three-Dimensional Lessons


North Sanpete High School

  • Bryan Holder

Utah State University

  • Max Longhurst

Brigham Young University

  • Heather Leary
  • Rebecca Sansom
  • Michelle Hudson
  • Tracy Poulsen
  • Clara Smith


Rural high school science teachers often work in isolation with fewer collaborative and professional learning opportunities. One opportunity they have missed is deep learning about and how to implement three-dimensional science lessons. To bridge the geographic isolation of these teachers and increase their capacity with three-dimensional science, we developed a novel professional learning model called Technology-Mediated Lesson Study (TMLS). This engages teachers in iterative, collaborative cycles of lesson design, teaching, observations via technology, and lesson redesign with a team of colleagues aimed at high- impact professional learning and enactment. This paper presents the program design and activities with science teachers who collaboratively design and implement lessons using the TMLS model.

See full text of paper here.