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NARST Conference - Presentation by Rebecca Sansom & Clara Smith

Sunday, March 17 - Wednesday, March 20
Denver, Colorado

Essential Elements of Technology Mediated Lesson Study (TMLS) Cycles: A Study with Rural Science Teachers

New Study Explores TMLS Cycles Among Rural Science Teachers

Researchers from Brigham Young University and Utah State University will present findings from a recent study on the "Essential Elements of Technology-Mediated Lesson Study (TMLS) Cycles: A Study with Rural Science Teachers." The study focuses on the collaborative efforts of twelve rural science teachers engaged in the development and revision of biology lessons using three-dimensional science principles.

Presented by Clara M. Smith and Rebecca L. Sansom, the research aims to identify commonalities and differences in how various collaborative science groups interpret and implement the TMLS model. Key findings include the significance of establishing communication channels outside of formal meetings, dedicating time for personal bonding within meetings, and leveraging individual strengths for collaboration. The study also notes variations in meeting lengths, real-time work versus assignments, and rubric utilization among TMLS groups.

Under the theme "Teaching and Learning Focused on Emerging Technologies," the session falls under Strand 8: In-service Science Teacher Education and is scheduled for Tuesday, 19 March 2024, from 10:00 to 11:30 at the Sheraton Denver Downtown.

This research suggests that TMLS may facilitate collaboration among science teachers, especially those in remote areas, and offers insights into creating effective collaborative atmospheres in science education.