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NSTA Conference - Presentation by Josh Stowers and Doug Morris

Friday, March 22
9:00 AM
Denver, Colorado

Deriving Newton's 2nd Law Using the 3-Dimensions

3D-RST is excited to announce an upcoming presentation by Josh Stowers, Associate Professor of Biology at Brigham Young University and co-PI for the 3D-RST project, and Doug Morris, Science Teacher at Carbon High School and a Science Teacher Leader in the 3D-RST project. The presentation, titled "Deriving Newton's 2nd Law using the 3-Dimensions," promises to be an enlightening session for educators, students, and anyone interested in innovative science education.

Event Details

This presentation will take place at the 2024 NSTA Conference

Date: Friday, March 22nd
Time: 9:00 am Location: Hyatt Regency Denver Capitol Ballroom 1

Discover how students can engage with the fundamental principles of physics as Stowers and Morris showcase a hands-on approach to understanding Newton's 2nd Law. By utilizing carts and tracks, attendees will witness the process of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data to unveil the cause-and-effect relationships inherent in Newton's groundbreaking law of motion.

The presentation will also provide a glimpse into the collaborative efforts of rural science teachers facilitated by technology-mediated lesson study. Gain insights into how these educators have come together to design three-dimensional lessons, contributing to the advancement of science education in their communities.

Attendees will leave with a practical understanding of how, in just one class period, students can gather, analyze, and interpret data to derive Newton's 2nd Law. The focus will be on testing the cause-and-effect relationship of force and mass on acceleration, demonstrating an efficient and engaging approach to teaching complex scientific concepts.

Join us for this dynamic workshop that promises to inspire. We look forward to your presence.