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3D-RST Paper Wins Outstanding Paper Award at SITE 2023

"Technology-Mediated Lesson Study: Improving Rural Science Teachers"

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At the SITE 2023 conference held in New Orleans from March 13-17, 2023, our paper titled "Technology-Mediated Lesson Study: Improving Rural Science Teachers’ Three-Dimensional Science Teaching Practices" received an esteemed Outstanding Paper Honorable Mention Award. The presentation, delivered by Michelle Hudson on March 15, 2023, discussed innovative approaches to enhance science education in rural areas using technology-mediated lesson study techniques.

The paper highlights preliminary findings from interviews and observations which indicate rural teachers are forging meaningful connections, refining their lesson planning strategies, and honing their ability to deliver engaging 3D science lessons. This innovative blend of pedagogy and technology holds promise in bridging the gap for rural educators and advancing science education in underserved areas.

For more details, the paper can be accessed here.